Critical Problem Solving


Because our survival depends upon it

Critical problems affect our well-being. If not addressed they result in clear adverse outcomes: dysfunction, harm, or death. This is true for individuals and organisations. If there is one thing you should do well, it is Critical Problem Solving.

Problems with Critical Problem Solving

Many individuals and organisations fail to address critical problems. After all we are still human beings! Sometimes we fail to see things. Sometimes we ignore them. Sometimes we fail to act. And so on. The reasons are many - and we are all still learning.

Any improvements to our critical problem solving processes would be valuable. At Bumpconductor we do this by "problem-solving problem solving".

Our Approach

A wise person once said you cannot solve problems using the same thinking used to create them. When we think differently we act differently. This changes outcomes!

But thinking differently is difficult. So we developed a solution.

BUMPS® - A Different Way to Think

To navigate our complex world we are developing the BUMPS Critical Problem-Solving Framework.

Critical Thinking + Critical Problems

Using the concept of BUMPS (Big Unsolved Meaningful Problems worth Solving)®, the framework helps us think holistically and transdisciplinary.

It equips users with a powerful tool for visualising, analysing, and synthesizing complex situations. Use it to align strategic and tactical intent, make better decisions, and meet your critical needs.

What We Do

Core activities include:

  • Problems, Projects, & Consultancy
  • People, Processes, & Products
  • Tools & Technology

Problems, Projects, and Consultancy

Your Partners in Problems Solving

We can look at the BUMPS within your organisation, across your business ecosystem, or your interface to your customers. Comfortable at strategic and tactical levels we can work across organisations & ecosystems. We can ask and answer questions such as:

  • What are the critical problems?
  • Where are they?
  • How big are they?
  • Why are they?
  • What can we do (options)?

People, Processes, & Outcomes

Ability Building

We provide new ways of thinking and doing. And embed these in your organisation to improve strategy & execution. They align the organisation in terms of:

  • Purpose - the Why
  • Destination - the Where
  • Navigation - the How & When
  • Delivery - the What

Tools & Technology

Platform and applications

People and process need tools and technology. We are developing tools to detect and tackle problems across complex value chains.

A world of BUMPS is a world of Opportunity!

Whenever you encounter BUMPS®, think BUMPCONDUCTOR®