Problem-Solving the Telecoms, Media, & Entertainment Industries

Your Problems are Our Business

We cut your costs and increase your profits. How? By eliminating the critical problems that cause your business harm, dysfunction, or death. We strive to make problems visible, accessible, and actionable across your business landscape. Covering key areas such as:

  • Unmet Market Needs
  • Existing Customer Needs
  • Marketing, Sales, and Distribution
  • Business Operations (People, Processses, Products, Services)
  • Technology (Apps, Video, Voice, Data, IT, Networks)
  • Partner & Supplier Networks
  • Portfolios, Programs & Projects

We surface critical problems. Develop solutions. Define & deliver larger problem-solving programs (e.g. to improve e2e product delivery). Or transform your business into a critical problem-solving organisation (CPSO). We can start by asking "What's the problem?"

Thriving in a VUCA World

VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It is a popular term used to describe modern business landscapes. Surviving and thriving in these conditions is challenging. The key is to excel at problem solving. Something easier said than done.

No Problems, No Business

Every business has problems. Every business needs problems. Problems are everywhere. In our markets & customers (external). In our people, processes, technology, and products (internal). Yet despite problems being widely available many businesses still fail. Why?

Hitting Complex Moving Targets

Markets & businesses are complex systems. Together they form dynamic landscapes full of opportunities (valuable problems). But problems are often invisible. If visible they may not be accessible. And if accessible they may not be actionable. Finding, targeting, and hitting these moving targets remains a challenge.

Is there a Trick?

Yes. Look through a broad lens with an open mind, seek alternative views, and focus on the critical problems worth solving. What are critical problems? They are situations preventing us from fulfilling a critical need. If not addressed they produce adverse outcomes: dysfunction, harm, or death. Find the ones that improve health & wealth. And ignore the rest.

Critical Problem Solving

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.” said Albert Einstein. Critical Problem Solving requires critical thinking. A core survival skill for both individuals and organisations. Before you commit to tacking any problem ensure you are tackling the right one, in the right way.


We are innovators. We invented a unique way of visualising, analysing, and synthesizing complex situations. Our innovation is called "BUMPS" (Big Unsolved Meaningful Problems worth Solving)®. BUMPS® is the foundation block for our work.

We use it think. To find and capture value. To communicate. To align strategic and tactical intent. Transform. Innovate. Make better decisions. And solve your critical problems.

Ready to Help 24x7

We love to consume critical problems. And we're hungry. Would you say no to a free confidential consultation? Of course not. Let's talk. Contact us now.

A world of BUMPS is a world of Opportunity!

Whenever you encounter BUMPS®, think BUMPCONDUCTOR®