Our Mission

To make Critical Problems Visible, Accessible, and Actionable

Imagine an endless supply of BUMPS, stretching as far as we can see. More than enough work for everyone. It makes sense to explore and growth together. This is how we think.


We are each unique and valuable to our species. We advance by overcoming common obstacles that limit our progress. As our horizon expands we discover an endless supply of ever more complex challenges. These are best addressed by working together.

How we do things

BumpConductor is being built by people with a passion for problem solving.

We pride ourselves on being highly innovative. We continuously scout for new (and old) techniques & tools. Anything to help us improve our problem solving capabilites.

This includes disciplines as diverse as system dynamics, game theory, triz, biomimicry...and many more! But we don't only reuse from the best. We also innovate and create.


Our visual problem solving technique is based on an abstact representation of a complex problem. BUMPS (Big Unsolved Meaningful Problems worth Solving) are our building blocks for critical problem-solving. But don't let the simple diagram below fool you. There is much to be revealed when using the BUMPS technique.

Our Values

In this age of great change, an increasingly networked world, and an endless supply of work, we are committed to uncovering better ways of problem solving by doing it and helping others do it.

Throughout this journey we have come to value:

  1. Expanding our horizons over remaining within our boundaries
  2. Embracing change over accepting the status quo
  3. Addressing our needs over indulging in our wants
  4. Productive collaboration over unhealthy competition

Where we work

We find BUMPS (Big Unsolved Meaningful Problems worth Solving) wherever we find people.

Within organisations. Between organisations. And across our civilisation. BUMPS are everywhere

Like to get involved?

We are building a network of problem solvers and are always looking to connect with other problem solving people.

If you are passionate about meaningful problem solving, would like to join us or collaborate, please contact us.