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Your problems are our business

What We Do

Learning to be Critical Problem Solving is game changing. A paradigm shift. It changes the focus, the direction, and the outcomes. We are building products and services to help our customers win.

Professional Services & Consultancy

Your Partners in Problems Solving

Comfortable at strategic and tactical levels we can work across organisations & ecosystems to deliver maximum impact. We can ask and answer questions such as:

  • What are the critical problems?
  • Where are they?
  • How big are they?
  • How did they occur?
  • What to we do about them?

We are innovators. The "problem-solving-mix" (above) is part of the BUMPS Critical Problem Solving framework. We use it to visualise the participants in your business landscape (BUMPSCAPE).

Capability Building

People & Processes

We provide new ways of thinking and doing. And embed these in your organisation to improve strategy & execution. They align the organisation in terms of:

  • Purpose - the Why
  • Destination - the Where
  • Navigation - the How & When
  • Delivery - the What

Tools & Technology

Platform and Apps

People and process need tools and technology. We are taking critcal problem solving to new levels. We are developing tools to detect and address problems across complex value chains.

A world of BUMPS is a world of Opportunity!

Whenever you encounter BUMPS®, think BUMPCONDUCTOR®